Structure of applications

The first level (list and name of fields) is provided by Mobydoc in order to secure the maintenance and evolution of the software and to ensure compliance with national and international standards.
Mobydoc provides a “general structure” (organised list of available fields) that you can adjust to your needs.

The other levels of the software are directly managed by the user according to the needs of the collection.

Reference list management

The user has complete control over the vocabulary used in the database: while creating a record, the user will generate vocabulary that has a natural rapport with the institution.
Information can be added, modified or deleted from these reference lists, as and when you desire.
The system includes a function that permits the import of thesaurus and authority lists from other Mobydoc users.

Profil Management

In addition to the general structure, the user can create tailored views, reports and profile labels.
In each profile, the user is able to select which information is to be displayed or hidden, the order of the fields and the type of layout; meaning that each collection can be managed with different input forms.

The same profile system can be applied to the public display. The user can always define which fields will be displayed (on screen, printer, or ASCII file).