Authority files

For all repetitive information, such as person, place, date etc., authority files allow you to input information just once which can then be used in other records if it is so required.
The use of authority files speeds up the inputting process. They provide homogeneity and give structure to the information; guaranteeing an efficient search.
The authority files:

  1. Are ordered hierarchically with 30 levels.
  2. Allow the creation of multi-thesaurus.
  3. Manage the semantic relationships:  "broader term / narrower term", "used for / see" and "related term".

While inputting, it is possible to browse the hierarchy and consult an element. You can expand the list with new terms or create a new hierarchy at any time.
Reference authority files are provided by default.
It is also easy to import thesaurus and files from other Mobydoc users.