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micromusee | Collections management system

Micromusée is dedicated to all type of collections: Fine & Decorative Arts, Archaeology, Ethnography and Industry and Technique, specialised collections.

Micromusée focuses on three aspects:

- Object information (technical information, descriptive, analytical and historical) in order to facilitate the inventory and the retrieval.
- The object within the institution (location, conservation status, movement control, etc.). 
- Online diffusion: E-catalogues and Web.

Micromusée is delivered with a default design (default list of available fields) compliant to International national standards (DMF, MDA, RCIP).

Application field:

Micromusée is flexible: users can apply parameters and define different data entry forms, displays and printouts.
Micromusée is multilingual: available in French, English, Dutch, Polish, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic, an option menu allows to swap from one language to
another. It may be easily translated into other languages.

Complete description of the object
Management of acquisitions, deposits and loans
Management of authority files
Management of reference tables
Full documentary search
Printing / Export ASCII / Report
Multimedia (image, video, sound) and external links
A wide range of parameters
Data exchange (authority files, thesauri, records)
Confidentiality and security

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